Miles of Freedom is the 2021-22 Pollock Gallery Office Space Resident. Last fall, Miles of Freedom presented at the sixth annual Arts of Oppression, an exhibit and auction of artworks by formerly and currently incarcerated people. Traditionally a one-day event, the Arts of Oppression, with the support of the Pollock Gallery residency, has expanded to include artist conversations, community events, and featured artist exhibitions. Please enjoy these recordings of Arts of Oppression 2021 offerings:

September 25, 2021
Art, Incarceration, and Family: The Impact of Incarceration on Families and the Ways Art Fosters Connectivity

September 30, 2021
The Redemptive Nature of Art: How the Arts Provides a Bridge Towards Individual and Restorative Justice

October 2, 2021
Art and Exoneration: The Story of Jerome Eubanks

October 14, 2021
Artist Vicki Meek in Conversation with Richard Miles

The annual Miles of Freedom Exhibition, The Arts of Oppression.
September 11 - October 30, 2021

“Since the beginning of time, art has served as a medium to connect cultures, communities and causes – Arts of Oppression is our vehicle”.Richard Miles – Founder, President/CEO of Miles of Freedom

The Arts of Oppression, an annual exhibit and auction hosted by Miles of Freedom, highlighted the creative talent of people currently or formerly incarcerated and benefited the featured artists. Historically,The Arts of Oppression wasa one-day auction event. This year, the exhibition spanned two months and allowed visitors to understand The Arts of Oppression’s origins and the key stakeholders that have participated in its inception. The Arts of Oppression featured pieces from the Darkwood Gallery’s collection as well as historical references to the issues of mass incarceration, human rights, and the criminal justice system. Additional programming included:

·      Poetry by teens from the Collin County Juvenile Detention Center, a program led by clemency reform advocate Jason Hernandez

·      A series of mindfulness and yoga practices by Seneca KMIR Alma, founder of the KMIR Experience, a collective journey made for collective humans that have experienced incarceration

·      A series of conversations with local artists, grassroots organizers and criminal justice advocates such as Vicki Meek, Alma Rios (Darkwood Gallery and mother of incarcerated son), Seneca KMIR Alma, and former Arts of Oppression participants.