The Healing Pieces 2021 Action Calendar functions as both a learning tool and a next-steps methodology for the Healing Pieces initiative. Curated by Sofia Bastidas Vivar and designed by RISO BAR Facilitator Taro Waggoner, the calendar features poems and drawings by formerly and currently incarcerated people, and graphics created by grassroots organizations that address issues of local governance. The calendar also highlights key dates relevant to the development of the Texas criminal justice system, policing and the history of white supremacy.

The limited edition calendar is available for $50 at risobar.net and 100% of the proceeds will benefit Miles of Freedom, a Dallas-based nonprofit whose mission is to equip, empower and employ individuals returning home from prison and provide support and assistance for families and communities impacted by incarceration.

Shipping will begin at the end of December. Customers may also arrange to pick up their calendar orders in person at the Pollock Gallery, located in Suite 101 in Expressway Tower, 6116 North Central Expressway, Dallas 75206.  For questions about orders, email Everton Melo at emelo@smu.edu

RISO BAR is a publishing initiative and cooperative space that facilitates collaboration and experimentation using risograph technology. SMU’s Pollock Gallery is currently hosting a RISO BAR exhibition through May 15, 2021. For information about the exhibit, visit the Pollock Gallery. For additional information about RISO BAR’s work, visit risobar.net