Healing Pieces 2021 Action Calendar

The Healing Pieces 2021 Action Calendar functions as both a learning tool and a next-steps methodology for the Healing Pieces initiative. The limited edition calendar is available for purchase through RISO BAR and 100% of the proceeds will benefit Miles of Freedom.
RISO BAR is a publishing initiative and cooperative space that facilitates collaboration and experimentation using risograph technology. SMU’s Pollock Gallery is currently hosting RISO BAR  through May 15, 2021. For additional information about RISO BAR’s work, visit risobar.net.

References and resources for further reading

Below is a list of resources we used to create our calendar, and suggestions for further reading on the topics covered. We’ve arranged these resources by the month they were referenced in the calendar for ease of access.

We also seek to promote civic engagement through the Dallas City Council, whether by running for office or streaming committee meetings

To subscribe to a Google Calendar listing all the dates listed in the printed calendar (including City Council meetings), click here.


Michelle Alexander. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. New York: The New Press, 2012.

US Forest Service. “Timeline of Events in African American History.” 

Apply to vote by mail for the May 1 Dallas City Council Elections here starting January 1.

How to Set up a Legislative Visit, Texans for the Arts.


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Alysia Harris. “Perspectives on incarceration and abolition you should be listening to.Scalawag, August 21 2020.

William Kelly Vaughn: (Ramsey Unit)
I grew up in Northeast TX. I own a home in Mt. Pleasant, TX. I have 4 brothers who live there also. My disabled father is currently living at my home. I do my art and ask all proceeds be sent to my father to help him out. I am born again Christian and seek to do God's will daily, I have learned to only let my faith dwell and trust in the one who is in charge. I try to paint pictures that you would see in a home, office or could be placed anywhere without offending anyone.

Texans for the Arts Virtual Advocacy Day.


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Mothers Against Police Brutality. 2013.

Register to vote by April 1 to be elegible to vote in the May 1 Dallas City Council elections.


Miles of Freedom.

Peter Simek. “History Demands that Dallas Tears Down Its Confederate Veterans Memorial.” D Magazine, March 20, 2018.

Find early voting locations. Early voting runs April 19 - 27 for the May 1 Dallas City Council elections.

Joe R Jasso (Amarillo, TX):
I was born Nov 23, 1981 in Beeville, TX. I grew up riding BMX and traveled the US by jumping freight trains and hitchhiking. I started to learn glass blowing until an unfortunate thing happened and I went to prison.  I was amazed by the artwork and tattoo work I saw. I watched an artist draw in the dayroom trying to pick up tips. I picked it up quickly and started commissioned  pieces in art and tattoo work but I wanted to push myself even more and so I started painting with watercolors, which led me to do amazing art work on walls in the prison for the warden and  sargents. I have done art work ranging in sizes from 9x12 to 35 ft x20 ft and everything in between.
I love an engaging composition with a strong center of interest, a dominant overall color and areas for the eyes to rest. I think when we look at a piece of art, we also see the artist. So I am trying to explore honesty, resilience, humility and certainly beauty in my art and life. I look for an expression of inner peace. Something I hope for in myself and humanity as a whole.


Find voting locations for the May 1 Dallas City Council elections.

Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women.

VitaPro Fraud Scheme Unveiled in Texas.” Prison Legal News, May 15 1996.

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Project Witness.

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Modern abolition and the lasting truth of change.” Scalawag, June 18 2020.

Joy James. “The Architects of Abolitionism.” Brown University Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice, May 2019.

Timeline for the Bracero Program.” The Dallas Morning News, January 27 2002. 

James Ross (Robertson Unit):
I have always had talent and ability in the arts. I did pursue a career in art when I was younger but I failed to believe in myself. Thankfully, I have allowed aet to become not only a career choice but also the foundation of my rehabilitation. Art has taught me patience and appreciation. It has given me self-confidence and an identity. It has helped to shed a life of poor choices, selfishness, and anger.
God has given this to me and most of my art is snapshots of the beauty God created. I hope it is seen as life, beauty and grace and as a reminder to believe in yourself. Never let your identity be rooted in anything negative Bad things happen and people make bad choices all the time. Never let those things define you. There is greatness in all of us. I want my artwork to be a reminder that you can be what you were meant to be. Do not give up and do not be afraid.


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Our City, Our Future. “2020 Budget Report: Building a Safer Dallas for All.” 2020.


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Building Community Workshop. “Race and the Control of Public Parks.” November 17, 2014.

Emily Carmichael. “Gulf South communities say climate justice requires new economic systems.” Scalawag, February 11 2020. 

Sammy Feldblum. “Fossil fuels won’t last forever: How will Houston cope?Scalawag, January 25 2018.


Lauren Silverman. “How the Death of a 12-Year-Old Changed the City of Dallas.” All Things Considered on NPR, July 24 2013.

Laura Thompson. “How the criminal justice system criminalizes learning disabilities in Texas schools.” Scalawag, November 16 2017.


Jacob Davis. “Whether Fences or Not.” Scalawag, December 21 2018. 

Howard Alk and Mike Gray. The Murder of Fred Hampton. 1971.

Angela Davis. Are Prisons Obsolete? 2003.

Daniel Celaya (Coffield Unit):
Here I am incarcerated at the Coffield Unit in Tennessee Colony, TX. I consider myself more of an aficionado of art than an amateur artist. I have gained an appreciation for abstract art since my youthful days of street art, better known as graffiti. I am passionate about the therapy of art and its virtues. I know people don't  understand my work, nevertheless my subjective angle is that art is open for interpretation, one's discretion, is individually swayed; art is something you feel, for there is nothing to understand. It is the expression of one's soul and state of mind. I'm contrite that I cannot be more of assistance to you and am lackluster in information, words, nouns, and verbs. I do express proper gratitude for your intrigues and inquisitiveness. "There is no artist born unto this world without his/her tools" -Michelangelo

Thank you

Special thanks to Jason Hernandez, Nora Soto, Angela Faz, Jodi Voice Yellowfish, Brad Boa, Richard Milles, Ashley Hutto, Finn Jubak, Liz Sankarsingh and Clyde Valentin.

This project was led by Sofia Bastidas Vivar, SMU Meadows Curatorial Fellow and Pollock Gallery Director.

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